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    July 20, 2020 /  Food

    Most “foodies” know how to enjoy a good wine. No matter what type of wine they may taste, there are certain foods that mesh well with this tasty grape beverage. For those who host wine tastings and need some ideas of what foods to serve, consider the following:

    1. Appetizers – To enjoy a good wine & cheese party, consider expanding the culinary palette with fresh fruit. Melon-wrapped prosciutto can be a pleasing taste paired with many different wines. The sweet & salty flavor blended with the sweetness of a wine makes it a perfect match. You can also consider serving fresh fruit, shrimp, and an array of crackers.

    2. Main courses – It’s very easy to know which wines work well with which main courses. Beef tends to pair well with a nice red wine, a merlot, pinot noir, or zinfandel produce bold flavors that match the meaty flavors of beef. Chicken, fish, and other lighter meats like veal work well with white wines. These are delicate pieces of meat, and need a lighter, airy wine. Consider serving a chardonnay, pinot grigio, or white zinfandel with these types of main courses.

    3. Desserts – When most people think of desserts they think of sweetness. Sweet white wines like moscato match this description perfectly. A sparkling wine or champagne works with chocolates, cakes, puddings, and other yummy desserts. There are also a variety of sweet red wines if you don’t really care for white. These wines tend to have a velvety texture to them, and work well with the chocolate or berry desserts.

    Those are just a few ways to enhance the food that you are eating, as well as the wine you taste.

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