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    Whenever you think about culinary arts and skills, think gourmet foods and white truffles. Gourmet foods come with high quality and taste. These dishes are very common in the United Kingdom, despite being originally from Alba, Italy. They are as well among the most highly upheld and traditional foods of exotic cooking that have been passed down from one generation to another by the Roman culture.

    Among the best gourmet truffles in the world are the winter black truffle. It grows in France, Italy and Spain under popular trees like the oak and chestnut. It has a grayish brownish-almost black color on the outside with white spider-like veins on the inside, and tastes like a mix of chocolate and earth.
    Winter white truffle has a yellowish color and a smooth outer cover. Its aroma fades quickly through evaporation when being cooked unlike the black truffle. They are mainly served as salads to reduce the evaporation of the aroma.
    Summer black truffle looks very pretty from the outside and with a dark brown outer color. They are cooked for serving to bring out their chocolate flavor.
    Summer white truffle has a sweet flavor with a tang of garlic plus a nice fragrance. They are served sliced (uncooked) to maximize on their aroma of the dish.

    White truffles/trifola d’alba have a smell similar to the smell of the earth but, it’s is worldly famous for its pungent aroma and tantalizing taste. They have a physical outlook similar to that of potatoes. They also have an aphrodisiac quality, which is presumed to work well as a form of white magic among lovers. They are harvested during the months of September up Until December.

    The taste and the level of the aroma being produced, the garlic flavor and the size of the truffle is dependent on the weather conditions, age of the tree, moisture content of the tuber, acidity of the soil and soil type, the species of the plant and the root proximity.

    When harvested fresh from the soil, this product is high of high flavor, aroma and taste. Instead of being eaten raw, or cooked, it is advisable to use them as an additive to spice up other foods.

    These foods have a class of luxury and are connected to the society’s elite, thereby making them fall into the class of the caviar, oysters and champagne. They are best served over scrambled eggs, fettuccine, and risotto or as a salad.

    Top class and five star hotels all over the world have special gourmet and white truffle menus for their special guests. If you have never had a bite of these delicious foods, take the plunge and sample them. You will definitely get addicted! However, be ready to take care of the hefty bill because, they are very expensive, so do not smile back when the waiter comes smiling at you with the bill. This delicacy can cost you, but it is agreed to be at the height of gourmet foods.

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